Superman: Action Comics: Rebirth - Tomo 02: Welcome To The Planet [DC Comics] (En Inglés) - USA

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Superman: Action Comics: Rebirth - Tomo 02: Welcome To The Planet [DC Comics] (En Inglés) - USA


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Detalles del producto

• Editorial: DC Comics USA

• Sello: DC Comics

• Autor: Dan Jurgens

• Dibujo: Patch Zircher, Stephen Segovia, Tom Grummett, Art Thibert

• Género: Superhéroes

• Idioma: Inglés

• Tipo de Producto: Cómic

• Encuadernación: Tapa Rústica

• Páginas: 128 - A Color

• Dimensiones: 25.7 x 16.8 cm

• Año de Publicación: 2017

• ISBN: 9781401269111

• Edición Original: Collecting ACTION COMICS #963-966 and an introductory tale from JUSTICE LEAGUE #52, SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS VOL. 2 — WELCOME TO THE PLANET also includes a special sketchbook section from Jurgens and Segovia

• Edad de Lectura: 12 años y más

• Cómic Conocido Como: Superman: Action Comics Vol. 2: Welcome to the Planet (Rebirth)

• Reseña:

The triumphant return of one of comics's greatest series continues in SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS VOL. 2: WELCOME TO THE PLANET! As Metropolis recovers from the devastating attack by Doomsday, a mysterious figure claiming to be Clark Kent steps into the spotlight to clear his name and prove once and for all that he is not the Man of Steel

But who is this mild-mannered reporter, really? And what impact will his sudden appearance have on the fragile new lives that Superman, Lois Lane and their son Jon have carefully built for themselves since they escaped from their own doomed universe?

The answers won’t be easy to find—or easy to hear. But with the mysteries surrounding the loss of Superman’s predecessor growing ever deeper, uncovering the truth has become a top priority for everyone, including self-appointed Superman Lex Luthor, the mysterious new Superwoman, and the Daily Planet’s best investigative reporter, Lois Lane—currently missing and presumed dead.

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